Lightning Fuse 5J>


Our Lightning Fuse 5J> is designed for chargers that are rated 5-Joule or larger. Our Fuse 5J> is designed to protect your fence charger against lightning strikes to your Hot & Ground fence. Attach fuses inline with charger and Hot fence and also attaché inline with ground fence if you run a ground fence with your Hot fence.

Note: You don’t need to use a fuse between charger and ground stake.


Lightning Fuse 5J LooseLightning Fuse 5J PackageOur Fence Charger Lightning Fuse 5J> are designed to protect against Lightning Strikes to your fence on the Hot or Ground fence. When lightning strikes your fence the 5J> Fuse will blow and not your charger. The 5J> Fuse is designed for the Larger Fence Chargers that are 5-Joule or larger. They are designed to carry a full load from the fence charger when there is a direct ground but will also blow if a lightning strike gets on your fence. Attaches directly to your fence charger or inline with the charger & fence wire. Use on the Ground fence as well if you are running a ground fence along with your Hot fence. Fuses come in packs of two for both Hot & Ground fence.


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