Electric Fence Light (Z-Bulb Model)


Our Z-Bulb Electric Fence Light let’s you know that your electric fence is working good. As long as the light is flashing with every pulse of the fence charger it means all is OK. If the light is not flashing, it means that something else is drawing on the fence. Adjust the Spark Gap as wide as you can with it still being able to spark. This sensitizes the Spark Gap with your whole fence and if anything touches the fence it will get the full shock and the light will not flash at that moment. Remember the Spark Gap only draws current until something else touches the fence and it will not spark until whatever touched the fence is gone.


The Z-Bulb Electric Fence Light works exactly like the LED Fence Light but is designed for fence chargers that are 3-Joule or larger. The larger the charger the brighter the light becomes. The bulb is guaranteed for 3 years but should last a lifetime. This does not cover lightning damage. It only draws current off the fence until something such as a animal or person touches the fence. When this happens the light will disengage and the full shock will go directly to the animal or what ever is touching the fence. Made in USA, Cookeville TN.


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