Mini Electric Fence Light


Our “Mini” Electric Fence Light let’s you know that your electric fence is working good. As long as the light is flashing with every pulse of the fence charger it means all is OK. If the light is not flashing, it means that something else is drawing on the fence. Adjust the Spark Gap as wide as you can with it still being able to spark. This sensitizes the Spark Gap with your whole fence and if anything touches the fence it will get the full shock and the light will not flash at that moment. Remember the Spark Gap only draws current until something else touches the fence and it will not spark until whatever touched the fence is gone.


Our Mini Electric Fence Light is designed to be weather proof, water resistant and built to last. The Mini Light has the same Z-Bulb as our Large Z-Bulb Electric Fence Light and is just as bright. The Mini Light is for 3-Joule boxes or larger but will work on smaller Chargers but it won’t be as bright. The bigger the Charger the Brighter the Light becomes. Also serves as a Predator Light that will keep any night Predator away. When this light is put on a 4-Joule charger or larger it will look like a welding arc that will blind anything at 20 feet away. Bee Keepers absolutely love this little light just to keep Bears away from their Honey Bees.   See YouTube Video: 


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